Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee

The Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee was organized in 1985 to respond to the growing number of lawsuits in Alabama and the outrageous awards being levied against the business and industry sector.

About Us

The Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee was organized in 1985 to respond to the growing number of lawsuits in Alabama and the outrageous awards being levied against the business and industry sector. ACJRC is composed of organizations representing various business and industry related associations, agricultural groups, medical interests, major corporations, as well as small businesses.

The membership of ACJRC was successful in working to get a strong tort reform package through the Alabama Legislature

in 1987. That tort reform package was hailed throughout the nation as one of the best reform measures ever written. With the passage of these bills, the business community assumed they had accomplished tort reform. The trial lawyers then

focused their resources on electing liberal judges who struck down the entire reform package.


In 1994, ACJRC members responded to this challenge by refocusing our efforts and since then we have led Alabama’s business, agriculture, manufacturing and small business communities in a grassroots effort to elect reasonable, fair-minded judges. As a result, Alabama now has balanced appellate courts with reputations of fairness for all. Our challenge now is to maintain this balance and keep Alabama court’s out of the national headlines, thus contributing to further

economic development.


In 2011, ACJRC was successful in getting four reform measures through the Alabama Legislature. That package included measures to reduce the interest rate on post judgment awards, provided protection from civil liability to product manufacturers and retailers, added restrictions on venue and improved Alabama’s standards for expert witnesses.


In 2014, there were five appellate court races on the ballot. ACJRC released our endorsements in these races, which helped our candidates fend off opponents. As a result, none of these races were contested, and our candidates won.

The 2018 elections were not as favorable to ACJRC, as we lost a couple of conservative jurists.


Today, ACJRC’s task is to maintain the gains we have made on Alabama’s high courts and to continue our work with the Legislature to pass further reforms. We need to work to bring a philosophical balance to Alabama’s lower courts so abuses can be stopped at the local level. We need to work harder to educate Alabama’s younger voters about the importance of maintaining a fair, conservative judiciary and its impact on economic develop in our state. Alabama has so much to offer. Our court system should not impede our economic development opportunities.


Executive Committee

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Tom Dart

Alabama Automobile Dealers Association

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Rick Brown
Vice Chairman

Alabama Retail Association

Rosemary Elebash

National Federation of Independent Business

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Russell Davis
Exec. Committee

Home Builders Association of Alabama

Tom Layfield
Exec. Committee

Alabama Road Builders Association

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Paul Pinyan
Exec. Committee

Alabama Farmers Federation

Katie Britt
Exec. Committee

Business Council of Alabama


Board of Directors

John Q. Adams, III

Alabama Poultry and Egg Association

Jackie Ayers

Alabama Nursing Home Association

Hal Bloom

The Bloom Group

Houston Smith

Alabama Power Company

George Clark

Manufacture Alabama

Bart Fletcher

Petroleum & Convenience Store Marketers of Alabama

Bob Geddie

Fine, Geddie & Associates

Danne Howard

Alabama Hospital Association

Chris Isaacson

Alabama Forestry Association

Charles McDonald

CRM Associates

Randy McRae

International Paper Company

Jason Isbell

Alabama Bankers Association

Doris Hydrick

Alabama Manufactured Housing Association

Robin Stone

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Sean Strickler

Alabama Rural Electric Association

Jeremy Walker
Chris Williams
Matt McDonald

Alabama Association of Realtors

Associated General Contractors of Alabama

General Counsel

Jones Walker


Ivey Appoints Mendheim

We have just learned that Governor Kay Ivey has appointed Justice Brad Mendheim to the seat on the Alabama Supreme Court being vacated when Justice Tom Parker takes over as Chief Justice in January. Governor Ivey had previously appointed Mendheim to the seat vacated by former Justice Glenn Murdock upon his early retirement.


This is great news for Alabama employers. Justice Mendheim has an impeccable record of service at the Circuit and Appellate levels. He is a true conservative and totally committed to the rule of law. It is imperative that ACJRC and ALL ACJRC members get on board early and work to make sure Justice Mendheim gets elected to a full six year term in 2020.


Justice Greg Shaw's term on the Supreme Court is up in 2020. So, it looks like Justice Shaw and Justice Mendeim will be on the ballot in 2020. On the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Judge Bill Thompson and Judge Scott Donaldson will be up for election. On the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Judge Mary Windom and Judge Beth Kellum will be up for election in 2020.